Palmer Laser & Electrolysis is Trans positive and accessible to everyone.

Working as a patient co-ordinator/consultant for a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial and body feminization has allowed me the privilege of meeting some of the most wonderful trans people. My position allowed me to talk intimately about the main concerns during and following transitions, I discovered that the two most common concerns are quality of hair removal and where to go for permanent hair removal.

Facial hair is a universal concern for all women. Androgen driven, facial hair grows in what is known as the ‘male pattern’. The cheeks, chin, upper lip, neck continuing down over the breast area, center line stomach to the pubic hair can be all involved. For anyone wanting to present themselves as a female full time, concealing the beard on a daily basis involves a lot of time and cover make up to give the appearance of smooth, feminine skin. Permanent hair removal started early in a transition can make the outward appearance of a gender transition smoother.

Testosterone blockers are usually started at the same time as facial hair removal.  These blockers do not prevent the active follicles from producing existing hair.   Testosterone blockers, such as spironolactone will prevent non-active follicles to be stimulated to produce new hairs. What many overlook is that hormones, such as estrogen, can affect body shape, emotions and sexuality but not hair growth.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are the only two methods that are recognized by the FDA and Health Canada as permanent. Unfortunately, in Canada, there is currently no regulations or guidelines for education for becoming a laser technician or an electrologist. As a result, it is difficult to find a qualified permanent hair removal specialist that is both experienced in medical electrolysis and laser hair removal and able to understand the needs of transitioning folks.

If you’re trans, consider both modalities of electrolysis and laser for permanent hair removal. Many people don’t start the visible transition until mid-life or later. Beards or body hair is commonly ‘established’ and may even be what we call ‘salt and pepper’. Electrolysis can treat all colors of hair and skin, lasers require darker hair and lighter skin, being able to combine these treatments we are able to treat the whole face and all hair in a much timelier manner providing lasting results sooner rather then later.

At Palmer Laser and Electrolysis, we treat the white hairs first with electrolysis and the dark hair with laser during the same session. The electrolysis will require treatment on a regular basis, usually weekly. The laser hair removal for the darker hairs requires a monthly treatment. Treatments will be designed to fit into busy work and social schedules and shaving is recommended to be done as often as needed between appointments. Improvements can be seen in most cases, within the first month.

We provide a positive, friendly and caring environment for all our clients. We do not book back to back appointments, so our clients never have to worry about privacy and discretion is assured.

Early morning appointments are available and parking is free!

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