Permanent Cosmetics

Have you ever been told that part of your eyebrow is missing? Are you tired of smudge marks around your eyes from eyeliner? If your answer to these questions is yes, perhaps permanent make up is the answer you have been looking for!

Permanent make up is called micropigmentation. It dates back to the 1930’s when George Burchett, also known as the “King of Tattoos” developed the technique for darkening eyebrows.   His treatments also included skin camouflage which was described as “complexion treatments” for evening out skin tones.

Permanent make up is a wonderful option for people who want to

  • Accentuate facial features lost by lack of eyebrows
  • Enhance their eyelashes for a fuller appearance
  • Make sure that their makeup is not smudged, faded or streaked over the course of the day creating the “owl eye” look
  • Avoid the embarrassment of finding out their penciled eyebrows have washed off during an important meeting, sports or social engagement.

Permanent makeup involves using a needle to place small molecules of color into the basal layer of the skin. Procedures are done after applying a topical anesthetic to the skin. The design usually requires a touch-up treatment which can be done as soon as 4 weeks to as long as 12 weeks after the initial treatment.

When considering permanent make up, remember that it is permanent! Styles change and the thick full or overly thin eyebrow and wide eyeliner with tails could look outdated very quickly. Even as you age, your face changes and you probably will not want the party look forever.

At Palmer Laser and Electrolysis, we specialize in eyebrow and eyelash enhancements along with color correction of red and blue brows and eyeliner. We recommend that permanent cosmetics be as natural as possible to ensure your tattoo will look appropriate in future years.

Our eyebrow procedures are done with simulated hair strokes which is also known as feathering. This technique involves using your own eyebrow hair as a base and adding angled hair strokes following your natural hair growth pattern.

This same technique is used to create eyebrows for anyone who has completely lost their eyebrows. For people with no eyebrows, the shape of your face, hair color and skin tone is taken consideration as we design of your eyebrows together.

Permanent cosmetics are permanent but most people will have some degree of fading occur each year.   There are many factors to consider and everyone is different. Skin care that includes glycolic, retinols and acids will cause fading along with over exposure to the sun. Some people will have no fading but the majority of people will require a touch up procedure every 2 to 5 years to keep the permanent cosmetics vibrant and fresh looking.

Expect that after your procedure to have some swelling and redness that can last from 2 to 3 days. Bruising is rare but it can happen. Mini ice packs should be applied to the treatment area for the first 24 hours which will help to reduce the swelling. The swelling will be worse in the morning as the fluids will collect over the night. The area should be kept clean and a light coating of polysporin ointment applied.   No make up can be worn until completely healed. A small amount of skin peeling is expected and the color will lighten.

Allergic reactions after permanent cosmetics are rare as the colors are iron oxide based which has been shown to be the safest pigments for micropigmentation procedures.

At Palmer Laser and Electrolysis, we use only pre-sterilized micropigmentation needles for every procedure performed.   Your safety is our utmost concern!

We offer a private and discreet complimentary consultation for all our procedures to enable you to make an educated and informed decision regarding permanent cosmetics.

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