Laser Hair Removal

Do you want smooth hair free skin that is soft and touchable? Laser Hair removal is a great option for men and women wanting low maintenance smooth, hair free touchable skin. Laser hair removal is extremely popular!   The treatments are quick and easy but your results are strongly dependent on the laser being used along with the skill and experience of the technician. With proper treatments having a smooth and sexy hair free body and face is possible! Laser hair removal has been used since 1997 and has been approved…

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When lasers won’t work – electrolysis will! Electrolysis is the only method that is been given the term “Permanent Hair Removal” by the FDA and Health Canada.   Electrolysis the old work horse that give results when lasers will not!   Lasers are limited by color where electrolysis is colorblind.   White, grey, blond, fine hair and dark skin make no difference to electrolysis. A medically trained electrologist/laser technician who is experienced, understands the art, science and methodology behind both systems of permanent hair removal will be able to treat most people with…

Permanent Cosmetics

Have you ever been told that part of your eyebrow is missing? Are you tired of smudge marks around your eyes from eyeliner? If your answer to these questions is yes, perhaps permanent make up is the answer you have been looking for! Permanent make up is called micropigmentation. It dates back to the 1930’s when George Burchett, also known as the “King of Tattoos” developed the technique for darkening eyebrows.   His treatments also included skin camouflage which was described as “complexion treatments” for evening out skin tones. Permanent make up…

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Skin Repair

Skin Repair, Anti-Aging, Prevention and Maintenance – Keeping it super simple! It is never too late to start caring for you skin. How your skin ages does depend a lot on your genetics but adding sun exposure, smoking, no sunscreen and no skin care, your skins aging process speeds ups and starts as early as the age of 20. Brown spots begin to appear on the face, hands and chest, fine lines start around the eyes and mouth. Your skin texture starts to feels rough and looks thick.   We all…

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